Are you ready to Race The Dragon?

John Galt and Dan Windsor, 2 of our club owners, brought this festival to Bradford and have been instrumental in it growing to the size it has. They started in 2014 with planning for the 2015 Festival and reached out to numerous Organisations and took it to Bradford’s Lord Mayor’s Appeal and made it happen.

In 5 years the Festival has grown it into the UK’s largest festival of its type and in 2019 saw circa 3000 participants attend and estimated figures of 60,000 people spectating across 3 days. In the 5 years they have seen close on 10,000 participants and had approx. 200,000 people spectating. They have also done lots of training for these participants and raised about £250,000 for local good causes.

The Festival was the first and only Dragonboat Youth Festival in the UK, which was made free to attend for schools, cadets, youth groups etc.

This Festival brings in the most infrastructure for a Dragon Boat Event, which is only rivalled by big International Events such as World Championships. And all this is done from a zero budget every year. And landside we have every type of activity from arts, culture, heritage etc, etc that you could wish to shake a stick at. All celebrating Bradford and its districts and all who come from this area.

If you’d like more info about the festival: (website) (video)


Yorkshire Sharks are proudly supporting the Bradford Dragon Boat Festival by being the official training providers for all the companies that are willing to participate (CarnaudMetal Box, Titus Salt School, Bradford Cricket Ladies Team, etc.) allowing them to bring more people in and raise more money for the charities.

Training sessions can be booked directly on the Bradford Dragon Boat Festival by following this link: